Gail Peterson

Hello to everyone that would read this post. I almost don’t know where to start with my experience. It took me two weeks after my mom was discharged to sit down and write this. I have so much to say and know I can’t say it all in this post so please bear with me. I’ll just start by saying that I had such an enlightening experience concerning nursing home jarga. My mom was admitted to Medilodge of Taylor two months ago after suffering a stroke 4mths prior. I have to say that I was reluctant to send her there after reading some of the reviews and speaking to others about it. My mother’s Physician Dr. Shehnaz Rizvi convinced me to do so. I shared with her my feelings and in turn she expressed how good the rehab was and how my mother could benefit from being there. I still looked at her a lil cross eyed and she asked me did I trust her???? Well, of course, I trust her b/c I believed that she had my mother’s best interest at heart. So I said I did and my mom was admitted. I know this is long but I feel like I need to express how the care that my mother got was indescribable. The nurses; Keely, Heather, Tiffany and James we’re phenomenal, their professionalism was outstanding and I know that it wasn’t favoritism b/c I observed how they treated the other residences and they cared for them accordingly. There were other nurses that I didn’t name b/c I may not have seen or interacted with them. Just to name a few CNA’s that I wish I could have taken home with me were GREAT!!! Their attitudes were so cordial and respectful. Amanda, Kourtney, Crystal, Jasmine, Brandon, and last but not least at all Alexis and again there were others too. Well, I can’t just stop there without mentioning the Administration Staff. Katrice, (Discharge Planner) Kristina(SW) Joanna(Activity Planner) Lori , and sooo many others that I can’t remember their names. They all helped me through a time when I wasn’t equipped to handle this new place that I wasn’t accustomed to. Thankyou Administration So Much. Oh My Goodness, I dare not leave out The Rehab. Department. They are second to none!!!! They work if no one else is. Their consistency in getting their job done is very noticeable. Their attitudes are loving and caring. Thank you Rehab!! You guys Rock! I hope this post will help someone that is unfamiliar and afraid to make a heartfelt decision on allowing their loved one go to Medilogde of Taylor or even some other facility b/c it can be frightening but try to keep an open mind and allow your gut to lead you. Blessings to Medilodge of Taylor

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